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while at Windarra - handy hints and tips
You will need to bring bedroom linen which would include pillow slips /sheets /dovet covers & bathroom towels. Back to top
The Snowy Mountains weather is unpredictable and constantly changes but luckily Windarra is fully insulated and has a very efficient heating system. You should feel comfortable in casual gear, but we do recommend something warm for the feet.
The weather can definitely throw a curve ball and so the recommended option is to take layers. Waterproof ski jacket and pants being the best option, layering it with thermals, and maybe a skivvy or fleece for those extra cold days. Beanies, scarves, ear/ neck warmers, bandanas are also handy.
A good pair of shoes/ boots, gloves/ mittens to prevent cold digits and wear helmets, wrist guards etc if you are one with a bit of an adventurous spirit. Team it up with goggles/ sunglasses, put on sun block and chapstick and you should be ready to go! If you need to hire items Snowline Ski Centre in Smiggins can offer guests a 10% discount if you mention “Windarra”. To see their website click here. Back to top
Bring your food, snacks and drinks for the week. Food and drinks can be stored in an allocated cupboard, shelf in the fridge or a designated freezer slot. Items that always go down well are cereal, porridge, snacks, spreads, nut selections, cheese and crackers, fruit, treats, Milo, pasta dishes, fruit juice, wine, beer, schnapps etc. There is a convenience store in Smiggins (Snowline Ski Centre) and Perisher for a small selection of necessities. For a more thorough range its wise to stock up in Jindabyne or when you pass through Cooma. For lazy days you can go to the nearby Smiggins Hotel which has a restaurant and bistro, which also provides meals for children or order a take-away pizza available from the hotel.
It's highly recommended that you have a water bottle/ bladder on you so you can keep hydrated while exercising. Back to top
Please note that there is no internet, TV or video at Windarra. If you do bring laptops, tablets etc please also bring earphones as to not to disturb
others. If you have a favourite board game or card game they make great night time entertainment. The pool table is available for people with a competitive streak, otherwise bring your favourite book & just simply crash out in the lounge. For young ones please bring plenty to keep them entertained, this could include games, colouring books or Lego etc. Back to top
Your Lodge Captain will be able to assist you with this. If you are staying at the lodge in non peak times, this list will be emailed to you ahead of time. Back to top
A Lodge Captain is appointed for each week during the ski season. The Lodge Captain should be approached for any questions or for the reporting of any issues or problems. Back to top
There is a phone at Windarra for incoming or local calls only. Mobile phones can be used in the bedrooms however the use of mobile phones is discouraged in the common areas, i.e. Lounge, Kitchen & Dining rooms
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